We empower you to realise happiness in a relationship or in individuality and we help you to grow your YouTube Business.



Relationship Coaching

At Imperfect Union coaching we specialize in both short-term and long-term coaching for Married Couples, Cohabiting Couples, and Singles. Our client’s well-being is of the uttermost importance, and we will go out of our way to ensure that every client’s coaching journey is as comfortable and enriching as possible.

Imperfect Union offers a safe, non-judging space where clients can excavate into and explore core issues that are preventing them from living their life to the fullest and enjoying their union. We believe that every client is a pundit of their own life, and only through their willingness to open up, can change take place. Our aim is to be a co-facilitator on your journey to thrive.

YouTube Coaching

The idea of starting a YouTube Channel can be so exciting mostly if you know that you can earn money or grow your fan base through the platform. We sometimes never put into consideration the amount of work needed to make it. 

We as the Imperfect Union have over 4 years in the YouTube space with over 124 Million Views. Let us tell you, reaching those kinds of views in just 4 years, wasn’t easy – We had our fair share of struggles and through that journey, we wished that only if we had someone to guide us. 

We believe with us coaching you on your YouTube journey, you can grow your channel without having to face many of the negative obstacles we had to face. The only thing you need to do is to show up and do the work while we hold your hand through each and every step.

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1st consultation for discovery purposes will be at no charge.

After the 1st consultation, we will determine how many sessions you will need depending on the issue at hand.

We offer contact sessions and virtual sessions.

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