The choice to enter a coaching session, no matter the reason, is a difficult and sometimes painful one. We understand this and admire your bravery to take the first step to a new enriching life. We will aid you and we are ready to hold your hand through the entire journey of healing. Change is possible – and together, we can achieve it!

“Broken, but repairable”

We specialize in

Married couples

We help married couples rediscover the qualities that brought them together as well as look forward to the future while doing the necessary to stay together in harmony


We work with unmarried people to preserve their relationships and realize the joy of being in their relationship and overcome daily dynamics affecting or impacting the relationship.


There is and should be joy in one being by them-self, and everyone who is single deserves it, we work with singles to find and embrace that joy.

Premarital counseling

Marriage is foreign and unique to each and every person, one can never be so sure of what they are getting into, we work with couples that are set for commitment to at most understand the uncertainty of the future, providing them with tools that will likely sustain their future together, this we do with the intention to minimize the chances of divorce.

Let go or continue

Unfortunately, in some instances one has to know when enough is enough, whether continuing with the relationship or marriage is worth it or not, we help couples make these decisions by realizing the risks and benefits involved in either or.


We host events such as hiking, bootcamps, seminars, workshops, getaways and various others that aimed at sharing experiences and empower each other as couples.

What We Do

Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner 

We firmly believe that there is no script or manual to a relationship, most of it is commonly trial and error, relationships or marriage are a challenge that one must adapt to and at the same time invest time and effort to make it work. Relationships need both partners to equally contribute to the success of their relationship however it is important for either of the partners to put in 100% regardless of what the other is doing. Before one is in a relationship, they are an individual and can start working on the attributes that make a successful relationship, individualism also contributes to a positive relationship though it should never take precedence over companionship.

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“Our situation was much heavier before and when we started seeing you, but things began to steadily improve when we got to learn that our situation is normal and that you have went through some of the challenges we are going through, you have helped us realise that there is so much light to look forward to and it takes both of us to get to the place we desire, thank you IU Coaching❤️”

Lerato J

Our Story

Ndivhu and Shudu together imperfect union founders are a couple with over 10 years in marriage. We got married at the age of 19 and 22 respectively and throughout the course of our marriage we have had the privilege of going through trials and challenges of many kinds.

We have separated multiple times, we went through infidelities, we fought and reconciled. Through it all we kept repairing and still are, hence we call ourselves an imperfect union, a challenged couple that is broken but in the process of repair.

We do not know it all but we probably have experienced the most within the 11 years of being together.

Help us help you, let us engage
efforts and energy to make our
relationships better.

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1st consultation for discovery purposes will be at no charge.

After the 1st consultation, we will determine how many sessions you will need depending on the issue at hand.

We offer contact sessions and virtual sessions.

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