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Video Editing

If you want to keep people who visit your channel then the title of the video should be compelling for the one who is reading to watch your video, the way you edit your videos should be eye-catching and leave the viewer wanting to see more of your content. We will teach you the dos and don’t of video editing and the tricks of making people binge on your content.


Community and Instagram Post

We have a very large community on our YouTube Channels, we will share your content links with a catchy title you wrote yourself to our YouTube Community. This will allow our subscribers and members to have easy access to your content, your views will increase and so will your community. We also promote your content on our Instagram through stories, reels, and feed posts.


Shout-Out and YouTube Shorts

We give you a shout-out in our videos by briefly telling people about your channel and giving them every right reason why they should check it out. We also promote your work in our YouTube shorts, this unable your content to be exposed to a different audience and that will cause traffic in your channel.


End Screen

On each and every end of our video we will put your videos on our end screen, this is a way of promoting your channel to our viewers and our visitors. It will encourage the people to watch and subscribe to your channel, it also increases your channel traffic. The more traffic you get, the more your channel gets promoted by YouTube.



We will have Virtual Consultation meetings, where you will ask us any question relating to your YouTube Channel and, but not limited to editing. These meetings will help us also to better understand the vision and goals you are having concerning your channel so that we can know how to help you achieve them.


Mentorship Program

A mentorship program is where we empower and encourage you in content creation, you tell us about your channel goals and we find ways to help you reach them. We mentor you on how to title your videos, edit them, give you video shout-outs, put you on the end screen on every video, we post your links on our community. You have full access to everything we have to offer. Last but not least, you get to decide whether we have Virtual or Face to Face Consultation meetings. 

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